From the blast from the past department, here is a re-post of something I wrote exactly 5 years ago about the presentation styles of three great speakers. Still as true as ever.

Great post over on Presentation Zen that includes links to comparison video clips of biz author/gurus Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki* and Tom Peters.

Good writing is important. But good platform skills are equally important. And they’re hard to hone. These guys

Loving my first visit to Sydney. The views of the harbor and the Opera House (also here, here and here) are continually stunning. I’m here with a group of really smart folks, including Jim Benson, Venessa Miemis, Mike Nelson, Jeremiah Owyang, Nigel Cameron, John Hagel, Ray Wang, John Smart, Andrew McAfee, Richard Binhammer, Jon Katzenbach, Sanjay Purohit, Mark Zawacki and many others, to speak at the AMPlify Festival, an innovation

Apologies for getting the date wrong for the last day to download free the Kindle edition of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work. But never mind, here’s the accompanying PDF, appropriately titled No Idling, and it is absolutely FREE. Share as you wish. It was put together by Domino Project Street Teamers*, a volunteer group which supports the efforts of The Domino Project, Seth Godin’s new publishing venture powered by Amazon. Here’s my

I know I’m in trouble when I haven’t posted to my blog in several weeks. I can feel the wall of resistance rising higher and higher. My inner voice chatters away: "For godssakes, write a new blog post. Something. Anything. Panic. What should I write about? What is important enough? Paralysis." And I’m a "blogging expert." So this procrastination borders on the ridiculous. I can usually talk myself down off the cliff. "Not every blog

Presentation junkies think of Ignite as a mini-TED. That ratchets up the pressure considerably. Like 15-minute TED and TEDx talks, five-minute Ignite talks are regularly given in dozens of cities around the world. Every Ignite talk follows the same format: five minutes, 20 slides, with slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds. And the same approach to subject matter: "Enlighten us, but make it quick." That may sound easy to

Poke the Box, the first title to come out of Seth Godin’s new publishing venture powered by Amazon, The Domino Project, is selling like hotcakes. The book has been out less than 30 days and there are already close to 60 five-star reviews on Amazon. As of this writing, the book is #70 in the Top 100 Books on Amazon. I’m not surprised. Poke the Box is vintage Seth. (He’s the author of a dozen other business bestsellers, including Tribes

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