I'm sneaking up to the coast of Maine to swim in the icy water (really!) and hang out for a week. So nothing new till after the 4th of July. Seeya.

It’s great to get the exposure in MarketingFix but Rick Bruner misread my recent article, 5 key questions you’ve been dying to ask about business blogs. I didn’t say that blogs would replace e-newsletters. I merely posed the question. My answer was, “It’s too soon to tell” and “probably not.” I also make the point that blogs will cross pollinate with e-newsletters and vice versa.

I’m a fan of MarketingFix, a group blog with insider

Kathleen Goodwin, ceo of iMakeNews, took over the column I launched for ClickZ on E-newsletter Strategies. If I do say so, she's buzzing along nicely as a columnist. Read her cogent argument for why businesses should consider blogging: Weblogs: Dare We Go There? One of her points is that blogs are "unedited." Can a company that's used to speaking in carefully modulated corporate-speak tolerate that? Could be that a new set of best

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In case you're wondering... click here to see a graphical depiction of the blogosphere. In other words, a map of the A-list bloggers. And specifically, those whose blogging has an impact on mainstream media. The four points of the compass on this map are: blogging / journalism / conservative / liberal. It was created by Weblog pundit Rob Glaser. Thanks to Rafat Ali of PaidContent.org for this pointer.

Last week, the energy and excitement of attendees at ClickZ's June 2003 Weblog Business Strategies Conference, the first mainstream blogging conference, was palpable. This week the buzz is from the West Coast where @d:tech is playing to a sell-out crowd in San Francisco. Rick Bruner says it's a veritable "who's who" in his quick update for MarketingFix. "Who's here? Just about everyone I've ever met in this industry in the last

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