Just ran across this. Forrester CEO George Colony started a blog in late January 2008. In April he spoke at the Forrester Marketing Forum on his first two months of blogging. "It only takes an hour a week," he said but he finds himself thinking about writing the blog all week. "So it's taking some of my mindshare." So true. It's one of the upsides as well as the downsides of maintaining a blog. You have to think. That's hard. He also

No surprise: corporate bloggers are the smallest piece of the blogging pie, according to Technorati's just released State of the Blogosphere 2008. Only 12 percent of bloggers self-identify as "corporate," meaning they blog in an official capacity for their company.

But to complicate the numbers, a number of corporate bloggers also identify themselves as personal or professional. Click Continue to see the chart. Frustratingly, this

David Meerman Scott and I enjoyed some Mexican food in Reston, VA tonight. David was in town to do one of his New Rules of Marketing seminars based on his eponymous best-selling book. I asked him if he thought CEOs might adopt Twitter over blogging, as it's short and sweet. It's not an either or choice between Twitter and blogging, he said. Click continue to see our video. We were having a little fun after dinner. (You can follow

Despite the fact that 39% of the Inc. 500 are blogging, I found only a tiny handful* of folks at this year's Inc. 5000 conference (speakers or entrepreneur-attendees) who are actively engaged in using social media. And when I say "actively," I mean more than the occasional blog post. So it was fun to meet Greg Cangialosi via Twitter. Greg is CEO of email services provider Blue Sky Factory - #1,861 on this year's Inc. 5000 list.

"If you're not blogging, you're an idiot," management uber-guru Tom Peters told hundreds of attendees at the Inc. 5000 conference. "No single thing in the last 15 years has been more important to me professionally than blogging... It's changed my thinking, it’s changed my outlook… it’s the best damn marketing tool and it’s free." In response to a question from moderator Susan Sobbott, president of AmEx OPEN ("True or False? You have

It's not about your number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends, Seth Godin told me yesterday at the Inc. 5000 conference in Washington DC. Seth kindly agreed to a one-minute interview yesterday after his mainstage appearance with Tom Peters, moderated by AmEx OPEN president Susan Sinnott.

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