Like others, I've been pondering the best way to get new business, or stay in business, in today's plummeting economy. Then it came to me: digital cupcakes. There's a coffee shop three blocks from me that sells (according to the March 2009 issue of The Atlantic), the best cupcake in America. I wander over several times a week, laptop under my arm. I order a cappuccino. They make the kind where the swirl of foam on top is perfectly

I've finally got a video up that shows me strutting the stage to give a keynote on corporate blogging. This was shot at Webcom in Montreal. A shout-out to the nice bald head (it belongs to Mitch Joel) that appears in the right-hand corner in the first few seconds. Thanks to the talented Adam Strasberg for the video editing.

Someone asked me recently, "What's a badge and how is it different from a logo"? Here's a quick answer. In a nutshell, a badge is a small image that you invite people to grab from your site or blog. It's a tiny piece of sharable content. Perhaps it incorporates your logo. But it does more. It explains -- in a tiny space -- the what and when of an event or how to join a cause or anything you want others to talk about for you. The badge

I am still patiently explaining to smart folks who are not blogging or Twittering or otherwise creating a digital footprint for themselves, that if I can't link to "it" (whatever it is they're telling me about in an email or on the phone), then I can't:

  • Check out their bonafides in three seconds
  • Determine how credible and/or important "it" is
  • Blog about it
  • Tweet about it
  • Help them promote

Did I not say that 2009 will be the year of video? Watch below as David Meerman Scott launches his new book, World Wide Rave, in this terrific video just posted to YouTube.

Unfortunately, Communitelligence's conference has been postponed until October 2009.

As a speaker at Communitelligence's Rethinking Corporate Communications conference here in DC I've got one free ticket (value $900) to hand out. Leave a comment below and tell me why you should get it.

The central thesis of the conference is that today's difficult and unpredictable economy calls for a new approach in corporate communications...


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