Very cool. Based on the social technographic framework laid out in Groundswell.This is also cool because it illustrates how you can market with useful sharable "content" and sell without (being too obvious about) selling. Note the link to the $749 report you can buy, etc.

On the one hand, it’s a brave new world where bloggers represent a new and unfettered publishing channel. On the other hand… there are lots of questions swirling around about how bloggers should disclose relationships with big brands for whom they may be writing. As well as payment in cash vs. payment in kind (free samples, including cars). This post is a riff with as many questions as answers. It’s not a polished essay. Hope you’ll

I’m re-posting an entry I wrote 5 years ago. It still applies. Back then, Googling yourself was a relatively new concept. Now, it’s a truism that Google results are your home page.

Posted May 19, 2004: "Google yourself." That’s today’s pithy two-word tip from personal branding guru William Arruda. As he puts it: "Being Googled reveals how visible you are on the Web, and visibility (at least among your target audience) is critical to

View my FriendFeedIt’s happened overnight. Actually, in the past two weeks, since FriendFeed announced a redesign of their site. Suddenly everybody is subscribing to FriendFeed and it’s looking like the new "it" tool in the social media toolbox. Here’s why: 1. FriendFeed has made it easier to find and subscribe to others’ FriendFeeds. 2. FriendFeed is an aggregator of the most used social media tools. 3. You see a mesmerizing real-time conversation

The who’s who - and how - of D.C.‘s Top 100 Techies is all the buzz in the local tech community: who’s on the list, who’s not, etc. I was delighted to be named a Tech Titan (#100 as it happens, as it’s alphabetical) but I’ve been curious… how did editor-at-large Garrett Graff choose 100 noteworthy D.C. techies for the May 2009 issue of Washingtonian? Graff’s street cred for compiling such a list is impressive, BTW.  He was Howard

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