I have this thing about trying to get the perfect picture of fall leaves. This was on a rainy day, taken with my Canon G10, a great all-around small camera. Click through for another pic I snapped with my iPhone with blue sky behind the trees. It’s almost the exact same location in my neighborhood.

My site redesign by the clever folks at Viget features an illustration as well as my new logo. Reaction to the illustration is mostly negative. So we've decided to put a headshot there instead. One colleague called the illustration "off brand." A Facebook friend called it "playtime." Another longtime colleague said simply, "Away with the avatar; we want to see Debbie." And one of my grown children said, "OMG who is that scary lady?"



You've heard about live blogging, video streaming and live tweeting. Don't forget a good old-fashioned home page crammed with content. I can't attend BlogWorld this week in Las Vegas (I spoke at BlogWorld '07) but anyone can learn a ton by visiting blogworldexpo.com. On the home page are preview video interviews with keynoters, links to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr pages. And clearly labeled hashtags. This year it's #bwe09 on

The subtle differences between how one uses Facebook, Twitter and a blog are very interesting. I'm continually trying to explain this to clients. Strategy aside, there are distinct differences in how you talk or write for the different platforms. Simply put, you write in a different "voice" and, generally, talk about different topics. So while I posted an "endorsement" of trash can liners on Facebook this morning, I probably wouldn't

Have you noticed this? Although we're all "connected" 24X7 through our fave social networks, when the services go down we somehow think we're ALL ALONE and that it's only happening to us. That was my reaction along with many others this morning when Twitter became frozen in time. Ditto when Gmail went down recently. Psychologists have had a field day with this phenomenon, speculating on whether the Internet makes us more lonely or

I’m a huge Mashable fan so I’m delighted to link to my first post for the best everything-you-need-to-know site for all things social media and tech. Read my article:  5 Ways to Write Retweetable Tweets. Rule #1: Always include a link…

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