How sweet it was this week to see the buzz around the third edition of Sweets and Tweets. 70 folks signed up for my social media event held on Nov. 17, 2009 at the very cool Baked and Wired in DC’s Georgetown. The evening event featured free cupcakes and Mark Drapeau (aka @cheeky_geeky) speaking on the topic of Social Networking: the Two Dirtiest Words in Gov 2.0. Thanks also to our sponsor, Neighborhood America, a company that has

New York, NY Had a two-minute conversation with Tim O'Reilly yesterday, standing in one of the wide, wide hallways of the Javits Center where his Web 2.0 Expo took place this week. I knew from his bio that he was a Harvard grad and asked him what year he graduated. '75 or '76, he said, depending on how you qualify it. That's my era at Harvard (I'm class of 1974). But Tim went through in three years, hence the date confusion. He

I was added to a couple more Twitter Lists today. My total is now 190 200. Small potatoes compared with the likes of Robert Scoble (4,297) or Guy Kawasaki (5,743). But it’s a fascinating new metric. It’s the new measure of cool. How many people are really listening to your tweets? How useful or interesting are you? Do you add any value? All those questions are answered, in a way, by the number of Twitter lists you’re on. And by the

With the announcement yesterday that LinkedIn and Twitter have inked a deal, the gradual meshing of your digital footprints continues. 140-character tweets can now appear as status updates on both LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Impressively, an @TwitterName in your tweet is also an active link on LinkedIn, meaning that you can click and go directly to that Twitter page. That’s a bit of technology that’s ever so clever, as it makes the

Do you love cupcakes? Groove on social networking? Don’t miss the next Sweets and Tweets on Nov. 17, 2009. I’ve invited the inimitable @cheeky_geeky (aka Mark Drapeau) to talk about social networking, the two dirtiest words in Government 2.0. Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not about being social or frivolous or wasting time. Social networking can improve the process of government. Mark will talk about why social

Results of my quick poll, "What does Writing 3.0 mean to you?" suggest that most folks (39% of respondents) assign a 3.0 to the kind of concise writing we do for Twitter or Facebook. Others mention co-creation, collaboration, wikis or "nothing." 22% say Writing 3.0 is "the way to lay down your best digital footprint." And 10% say, "Forget writing, video rules." You can still take the quiz here.

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