So how do you discuss that which cannot be discussed in polite conversation? Namely, obesity. Southwest Air even uses the words "delicate policy" to describe how employees should handle a supersize passenger who requires two seats. The incident this week with director Kevin Smith (whom I’ve never heard of but who has 1.6 million Twitter followers) raises two difficult questions:

1. Does having 1.6 million followers entitle you to

Attn: Cupcake Lovers. Learn Why Dot Gov Is the New Dot Com.

A quick update to let you know that registration for the next edition of Sweets and Tweets is now open. The event will be held Wednesday March 10th at 7 PM sharp at the very cool Baked and Wired cupcake cafe in DC’s Georgetown. Tech celeb Anil Dash, founder of the new DC-based incubator Expert Labs, is our speaker. Microsoft’s U.S. Public Sector division is the sponsor. This

Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void genius has started sending a daily cartoon to his email list. He’s giving it away, right? Yes and no. He is in fact giving away a JPEG of a cartoon. Like today’s, which is a warm up for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14th. But he’s also teasing us and goading us to think of his JPEG image as something much more valuable. It’s a taste of what he’s really got on offer: a 11 by 14 inch handsigned print that he’s

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