Here is Charlene Li‘s Top 10 list. I’m delighted to be on it: Beth Kanter, Laura Fitton, Tara Hunt, Sarah Lacy, Kami Huyse, Danah Boyd, Sandy Carter, Debbie Weil, Ann Handley and Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, Jory Desjardin (BlogHer).

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One minute after stepping into the Austin Convention Center last Friday I bumped into Pete Cashmore, the hunky young rockstar CEO of Mashable. I know Pete as we’ve worked on a little project together. He’s a lovely guy - very polite and enthusiastic (he just turned 24). So he instantly agreed to a snap of the two of us.

3 mins into #SXSW and I run into my fave Pete Cashmore aka @mashable. Sigh. If only I were a bit younger.

I have a confession. I’m having a great time dipping into Tom Peters’ new book, The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence. Neat concept. A book built, more or less, out of Tom’s blog posts (edited and re-organized). But the EXCITABLE punctuation (which includes randomly bolded words, HEADLINES in the middle of paragraphs and EXCLAMATION POINTS galore!!) is DIS-CON-CERT-ING. It makes me feel, well, jumpy. Like I can’t settle

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout at the March 10, 2010 Sweets and Tweets and to tech celeb and friend Anil Dash for his terrific presentation on Expert Labs and how the social Web can connect ordinary citizens to Washington policymakers. It was the fourth in my continuing cupcake salon, making it the one-year anniversary. The event features DC’s smartest geeks talking about the impact of social media on government and

Turns out you can read Kindle e-books on your iPhone or iPod touch or Blackberry - or an iPad - no Kindle required. In other words, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle e-books.

Here’s how to do it: browse to the Kindle store on Amazon via your computer and purchase a Kindle book. Then download the free iPhone or Blackberry app and, magically, your smartphone syncs with your Kindle account. Whatever books you’ve purchased are

Last night I was watching the Academy Awards along with 40 million other people and who knows how many Twitterers. In the midst of critiquing the dresses and hairstyles of the actresses (yes, that is what women do - I couldn’t decide if I liked Sandra Bullock’s long,  straight hair) I realized I needed an eye-popping 125 X 125 animated GIF for an ad to appear on Mashable’s home page. And I had less than an hour until the midnight

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