You’ve got anecdotes, case studies, Top Ten Lists, provocative insights and more on your corporate or organizational blog. Hat’s off to you. That’s a huge achievement, particularly if you’ve been publishing a blog for a year or more. But what is your CTA (Call to Action)? And by that I mean, what step is a visitor prompted to take after landing on your blog. BTW notice that I said "landing on." One of the myths of corporate blogging

Anna Bernasek found she had a "craving" to move forward after the financial crisis of 2008. The result is her provocative book, The Economics of Integrity. On one level, it means that companies can do well by doing good. But she goes one further, positing that companies and organizations that build up trust with customers, and are genuinely committed to integrity, are ultimately going to be more profitable. If economics, much less an

I recently received an email that said something to the effect of:

"Hi Debbie, I’m new to this social media thing and am wondering how much I should be sharing my real feelings. When I scan Twitter each morning I see an inordinate number of tweets from professionals that say: Happy day: here I come! and Feeling energized about the day ahead and I can feel how productive today will be and… well, you get the idea. What about those of

When Emily Wood graduated from Stanford in 2005 with a degree in English, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She's now a member of Google's Global Communications and Public Affairs team and is happily blogging and tweeting away for the Official Google Blog (661,000 RSS subscribers) and @Google (2.18 million followers). I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at SXSW Interactive (that's us in the photo, at Google's SXSW booth). After

Hate to get all serious on you on one of my favorite holidays, April Fool’s Day, but ReadWriteWeb poses a good question today: Netflix for the iPad: April Fools Joke or Breaking Story? It’s a riff on "it’s not fair, hey we can’t figure this out." Writer Mike Melanson makes the point that it’s this kind of story which further lowers the credibility of online media. And I do agree, the line seems a little blurry. Could it be true?? We

Maternal side. Dorothea Eliza is five days old.

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