A small group of DC digerati had the rare opportunity yesterday to hear bestselling business author and provocateur Tom Peters talk in an intimate setting. Tom was the featured speaker at my Sweets and Tweets event, a cupcake and social media salon held at the very cool Baked and Wired in Georgetown. His topic was, loosely, Innovation, Prosperity and Social Media.  As expected, Tom riffed on a number of topics from privacy (he

The real-time Web is all the rage right now, as you’ve probably heard. But I was reminded recently that real-time living gets short shrift these days.

I experienced it recently when I spent four days with my daughter after her baby girl - my first grandchild - was born. Dorothea slept, Dorothea ate, Dorothea cried, Dorothea had her diaper changed, Dorothea slept some more. You get the idea. Every moment was exquisite. Time slowed to

Had the pleasure of a brief chat with Chinese media and Internet professor Qin Lu about the state of social media in both the U.S. and China. We met for a quick coffee at Baked and Wired yesterday after her trip to the FCC to learn about the National Broadband Plan and before her planned visit today to the Washington Post. Dr. Lu told me that "social media [in China] is very popular among business and also academics who are studying

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