Kudos to my newest guest blogger Susan Harris for her post explaining exactly why being a corporate blogger can be fun. She hits all the relevant points (how she coaxes posts out of the staff, how she finds guest authors, etc.). I love her observation that "the networking goes on in the sidebar, too" through a carefully selected blogroll. Read on for the dirt on corporate blogging. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Susan is best known for her

Nine years seems like a long time. Depending, that is, on the event or phenomenon you are marking. Today is nine years exactly since 9/11. Although I live in DC, I happened to be in New York that day. I was in Union Square, about a mile from Ground Zero and watched the Towers fall with my naked eyes. Here’s what I wrote a week later for ClickZ: Email Has a Purpose: To Connect Us. The point of the article is that on 9/11 "online

Have you ever noticed that we don’t allow ourselves to graze the Web the way we did back in 1994 when Netscape first became available? I can remember spending hours (and hours) clicking from one site to another, utterly entranced by this thing called the Web. It was a serendipitous trip and addictive for those of us ADDers. I rarely indulge in online grazing anymore but I found myself doing it this Saturday morning. And giving myself

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