Presentation junkies think of Ignite as a mini-TED. That ratchets up the pressure considerably. Like 15-minute TED and TEDx talks, five-minute Ignite talks are regularly given in dozens of cities around the world. Every Ignite talk follows the same format: five minutes, 20 slides, with slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds. And the same approach to subject matter: "Enlighten us, but make it quick." That may sound easy to

Poke the Box, the first title to come out of Seth Godin’s new publishing venture powered by Amazon, The Domino Project, is selling like hotcakes. The book has been out less than 30 days and there are already close to 60 five-star reviews on Amazon. As of this writing, the book is #70 in the Top 100 Books on Amazon. I’m not surprised. Poke the Box is vintage Seth. (He’s the author of a dozen other business bestsellers, including Tribes

I’ve been wrestling with whether the topic of Friending Over 50 (aka baby boomers and social media) is a book idea - or just a fascinating phenomenon as well as a great subject for a five-minute Ignite talk. I’ve pretty much decided it’s not the right idea for a full-length book. Here’s why: Ageism is rampant in today’s society. Ageism is defined as "discrimination based on chronological age, especially old age." I’m guilty of it

I’ve been searching for a catchy way to describe (what may be) the focus of my new book:  baby boomers and social media. The story of baby boomers and their love affair with social media is both surprising - and surprising in its implications. Of course, Sex, Lies and Baby Boomers is not really the subtitle (inspiration: Sex, Lies and Videotape). But it has a nice ring. And as my journalism professor told me, people really only care

It’s hopelessly old-fashioned to care about it’s versus its. Who versus whom. Affect versus effect. But I do. I really do.

As I wasted time on Twitter today, I ran across a tweet about National Grammar Day. March 4th. Every year. "Oh happy day," I tweeted. Instantly, some fellow grammarians tweeted back: "avoid verbing nouns" said Eric Andersen; and watch out for "over versus more than! :)" said Alex Williams. I’ll have to look that

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