Apologies for getting the date wrong for the last day to download free the Kindle edition of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work. But never mind, here’s the accompanying PDF, appropriately titled No Idling, and it is absolutely FREE. Share as you wish. It was put together by Domino Project Street Teamers*, a volunteer group which supports the efforts of The Domino Project, Seth Godin’s new publishing venture powered by Amazon. Here’s my

I know I’m in trouble when I haven’t posted to my blog in several weeks. I can feel the wall of resistance rising higher and higher. My inner voice chatters away: "For godssakes, write a new blog post. Something. Anything. Panic. What should I write about? What is important enough? Paralysis." And I’m a "blogging expert." So this procrastination borders on the ridiculous. I can usually talk myself down off the cliff. "Not every blog

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