I posted a "gentle heads-up" on my Facebook page to announce that I’m slowly weeding out "friends" I don’t "know" or at least have some connection with. As I put it:  "I joined fb four years ago and initially said yes to every request. But now I want to limit my friends to those with whom I have some meaningful connection, either online or off."  Oops. Not clear enough. Three people I "know" immediately jumped on and commented that

From the blast from the past department, here is a re-post of something I wrote exactly 5 years ago about the presentation styles of three great speakers. Still as true as ever.

Great post over on Presentation Zen that includes links to comparison video clips of biz author/gurus Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki* and Tom Peters.

Good writing is important. But good platform skills are equally important. And they’re hard to hone. These guys

Loving my first visit to Sydney. The views of the harbor and the Opera House (also here, here and here) are continually stunning. I’m here with a group of really smart folks, including Jim Benson, Venessa Miemis, Mike Nelson, Jeremiah Owyang, Nigel Cameron, John Hagel, Ray Wang, John Smart, Andrew McAfee, Richard Binhammer, Jon Katzenbach, Sanjay Purohit, Mark Zawacki and many others, to speak at the AMPlify Festival, an innovation

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