We're betting it is. And there are one spot no spots left to pre-register for the next Beta Author Boost, starting in March 2012. Beta Author Boost is a unique writing workshop that enables up-and-coming business authors to write and publish a short, kick-ass eBook for Amazon Kindle in 8 weeks. The first Beta Author Boost sold out in less than 12 hours. The program is currently in full swing with 10 subject matter experts working on

Context is one of those words that sparks a multidimensional image in your head. That is key to understanding why context (who, where, how, what, why) has as much to do with the success or popularity of a new book as does the actual content of that book. Who recommended the book to you? That counts for a lot. You tend to trust recommendations from friends who are discerning and on top of what's new.

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Amazon is capturing headlines again as the company bullies its way into book publishing - as distinct from book selling. But there are some bright spots for self-published authors. You can run occasional (very occasional) $0.00 promos for your book. That's what's happening right now on my Amazon page - but only for the next 36 hours. Download The Corporate Blogging Book (Updated Edition) for $0.00.

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