Friending Over 50

I’ve been wrestling with whether the topic of Friending Over 50 (aka baby boomers and social media) is a book idea - or just a fascinating phenomenon as well as a great subject for a five-minute Ignite talk. I’ve pretty much decided it’s not the right idea for a full-length book. Here’s why: Ageism is rampant in today’s society. Ageism is defined as "discrimination based on chronological age, especially old age." I’m guilty of it

Friending Over 50

I’ve been searching for a catchy way to describe (what may be) the focus of my new book:  baby boomers and social media. The story of baby boomers and their love affair with social media is both surprising - and surprising in its implications. Of course, Sex, Lies and Baby Boomers is not really the subtitle (inspiration: Sex, Lies and Videotape). But it has a nice ring. And as my journalism professor told me, people really only care

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