Amazon is capturing headlines again as the company bullies its way into book publishing - as distinct from book selling. But there are some bright spots for self-published authors. You can run occasional (very occasional) $0.00 promos for your book.

That's what's happening right now on my Amazon page - but only for the next 36 hours.

Download The Corporate Blogging Book (Updated Edition) for $0.00.

I think you'll like the new preface. My premise is that blogs, far from being overshadowed by Facebook or Twitter, are the hub of an effective content marketing strategy.

The book is updated throughout. My favorite chapter is still Ten Tips to Write an Effective Blog. Hint: always package your blog posts - write about 10 Tips, 7 Mistakes, 5 Rules, etc.

Other news about Voxie Media

The Beta Author Boost program I launched a few weeks ago - to help a small group of subject matter experts write a kick-ass Kindle eBook in 8 weeks - SOLD OUT in less than 12 hours.

I was amazed. Turns out a lot of folks want to write a SHORT eBook to establish credibility as an author and expert, to make instant sales and to connect directly with readers (aka potential customers).

With the new $79 Kindle in every pocket and purse, and the ability to read Kindle books on smartphones, iPads, computers and in the iCloud, an eBook is a marketing tool that your fans will pay for.

If you'd like to be the first to hear about the next program in 2012, I encourage you to join the waiting list. Sign up here.

And stay tuned for more exciting news about the publishing programs and services that my new publishing company, Voxie Media, will be offering in 2012.

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