We're betting it is. And there are one spot no spots left to pre-register for the next Beta Author Boost, starting in March 2012. Beta Author Boost is a unique writing workshop that enables up-and-coming business authors to write and publish a short, kick-ass eBook for Amazon Kindle in 8 weeks.

The first Beta Author Boost sold out in less than 12 hours. The program is currently in full swing with 10 subject matter experts working on a wide variety of book topics. We are having a blast.

Writing a book, even a short book, is hard. What if a drop-dead deadline propelled you to finish your book in 8 weeks? What if you had a professional editor (aka Debbie Weil) at your side to make your writing sizzle and to point you to all the help you need to create a first-rate, polished manuscript?

Why a Kindle eBook?

The cool thing about publishing a book for Amazon Kindle is that you can think of yourself as a beta author. Forget the word BOOK in all caps. When you write an eBook it can be as short as 30 pages.

Nobody can tell how long your book is when they look at the thumbnail cover on Amazon. Nor do they care. A sizzling title, an eye-catching cover, a compelling topic and the quality of the writing are what matter.

These are what establish your credibility as an author and lead to fanatic readers and book sales. And with the new $79 Kindle in every pocket and purse, a short book can be downloaded and read on almost every device, from smartphones to iPads.

If your goal is to get a short book out into the world - and start selling it as quickly as possible, you will love the Beta Author Boost workshop.

BONUS for those who pre-register for March 2012 Beta Author Boost

In order to kickstart your book project, you will receive inspiration, information about eBook publishing and at least one easy-to-complete writing assignment from me before the program officially begins on March 8, 2012. Click here for all the details and to lock in your spot now. and to be notified when registration opens in January 2012.

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