Seth Godin reminds us - again - of the new way to think about writing a business book. You are writing for the fans and followers you already have. Your tribe. They are the ones who will celebrate with you and kick off word-of-mouth sales if you set your launch price on Kindle at $0.00.

As Seth puts it: "Wake up in the morning thinking about what (you) can write for (your) readers." Not the other way around. The old mindset went like this: write your book, get it edited, get blurbs from big names, design a great cover, print, distribute, launch and hold your breath for sales. In other words, write first and then look for readers. That model is at the heart of legacy publishing. And it is broken.

Now anyone can be an entrepreneurial author: a writer and a publisher with a direct link to your readers. And also, as it happens, get a much bigger cut of each sale. If you price your eBook at $2.99 or higher on Amazon, you get 70% of each sale. That is a whopping increase from the 25% (or less) that authors with legacy publishers are currently getting for eBook sales.

This new model is hugely provocative. And perhaps a little daunting. But it does NOT mean you need 10k followers on Twitter. It could be the 300 people on your email list who follow what you do. Start small. Cultivate your readers. Think of them as your tribe. And keep writing.

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