The cool thing about writing a short book and self-publishing it on Amazon Kindle is that you can think of yourself as a Beta Author. Why Beta? Think of it as an Agile Book Launch. Your short book will be provocative, smart and well-written. It will have a sizzling title and a click-inducing cover.

But it may be the first in a series of books. You may want to write a longer book later. You may want to revise it. No problem. As an entrepreneurial author, you're in charge. You don't need permission from a big New York publisher.

The theory beyond agile software development and lean startups works just as well in the new world of publishing. You launch your product - or book - when it's good enough. It's in beta. You gauge reaction to it. Then you tweak and improve and change course accordingly.

Update: Only a few spots left in the second session of Beta Author Boost. If you are serious about writing a short book, I'd love to work with you. Click here to learn more and reserve your spot.

Business benefits of a short book

Forget the word BOOK in all caps. When you write an eBook it can be as short as 30 pages. Nobody can tell how long your book is when they look at the thumbnail cover on Amazon. Nor do they care. A short book, if it is a compelling read, establishes your credibility and turns you into a published author. The business benefits? A book will increase your revenues, whether you are a consultant, a creative entrepreneur or a corporate executive plotting a promotion - or maybe an escape from corporate life.

And with the new $79 Kindle in every pocket and purse, your short book can be downloaded in seconds and read on almost every device, from smartphones to iPads. Of course, you can also sell your eBook on Kobo, the Nook, Sony and Apple.

If your goal is to get a short book out into the world - and start selling it as quickly as possible - I would love to work with you. Please don't wait if you are interested. There are 7 3 spots left for this session of Beta Author Boost. I may not offer the program again until fall 2012. Deets and register here.

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