Book Coaching

I work one-on-one with a limited number of experts who want to write and publish a short business or nonfiction book.  You do the writing so the book is really yours.

But I help you over every obstacle, every step of the way, whether it’s writer’s block or lack of clarity on your ideas. I make your book doable. Think of me as a personal trainer for your book. I am your writing coach, editor, collaborator and accountability partner.

We dig deep

Together, we refine the business goal of your book, dig deep to identify your most compelling book idea and bake the marketing of your book into the manuscript .

We schedule non-negotiable writing blocks into your calendar. I help you create a customized arsenal of writing tactics to defeat procrastination, lack of clarity and other common roadblocks.

You get feedback and direction on your writing

I am your professional editor as well as your muse. I support, inspire and prod so you can ship a completed eBook or print book within the timeframe you set.

My high-level feedback on your writing means pointing out what works, what sings, what questions are raised, what is missing and how to create the most value for your readers. With my background of 20-plus years in journalism, and as a published author myself, I have very high standards. But don’t worry; I am gentle.

1-on-1 support and accountability

We work together via Skype video, typically meeting twice a month for 45-minute sessions. In between sessions, we communicate via email so that you are always supported.

Also included

Access to the  course materials in my online program, including my essays on the writing process, action step handouts, edited transcripts with guest experts and more.