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The original and definitive guide to corporate blogging

Widely praised for clarity and smarts, the original edition of The Corporate Blogging Book, published by Penguin Portfolio, was named one of the Ten Most Insightful Books About Web 2.0 by CIO Insight and is one of the 15 Marketing Books Every Marketing Professional Should Read. Kirkus Reports called it smart, witty and accessible.

The book explains why you need a company or organizational blog - and how to launch a successful one. According to Technorati, corporate bloggers comprise 12% of the active blogosphere. Blogging is no longer optional. A blog is a next-generation Web site. A blog is the home base of your social media strategy. Think of it as the hub of the wheel.

How to buy a signed 1st edition copy (No longer available)

You can also the first edition hardcover on Amazon from third-party sellers.

An effective blog enables you to to have a two-way conversation with customers and employees, recruit Millennials looking for an open company culture, diffuse a crisis by publishing your side of the story and -- perhaps most crucial -- shape the conversation online around your brand. 

What you get in the book

Learn what to write about; how much time will it take; how to handle critical feedback; how to measure the ROI of blogging. Get ideas from smaller company blogs. Learn why - or why not - your CEO should blog. The back of the book is filled with resources, from sample blogging guidelines to blog design tips.

Learn from Big Brand corporate bloggers like Dell, GM and Google as well as small businesses. Get specific tips on how to develop a credible, authentic (writing) voice that engages your readers and turns them into fans -- if not customers. 

Also available in a UK edition, Chinese and Italian

I published the China Blogging Tour about my book tour in China following publication of the Mandarin Chinese edition in 2007.


The book is available in a UK edition in softcover.


In Italian it is titled Blog in azienda.




What readers are saying

- Mark Drapeau, Director Public Sector Engagement, Microsoft (Sept. 5, 2010)

Debbie, I first read your book shortly after it came out and it became my blogging bible. In fact I highlighted so many excerpts and turned down the tops of so many pages that I had to start turning up the bottoms. It now looks like one of my Seth Godin books! After two years of blogging for my business I am going back to implement a few things I re-learned from you. Don't make us wait too long for your next book!
- Michael Gibbons, CEO Buttons of Hope (Oct. 20, 2008)

Though blogs may not always yield immediate results, they can be part of a "halo effect" that ultimately gives a business a bigger online presence, says Debbie Weil, a corporate blogging consultant and author of The Corporate Blogging Book.
- Quoted in The Washington Post (Aug. 25, 2008)


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