I work with a limited number of CEOs and executive teams to get them up and running as confident, sassy bloggers. OK, maybe not sassy but comfortable enough that after four to six months you no longer need me at your side.

Think of me as an executive writing coach. But not your 7th grade English teacher. This will be much more fun. That said, I'll whip you into shape and teach you how to be an A-list blogger.

This is a six month engagement with defined steps as described below.

Step 1 - Download the new, updated edition of The Corporate Blogging Book

You can always try out the free sample. Otherwise, go for it and buy the updated edition of my book (with a new preface and updates throughout) from Amazon. You will be reading it in 30 seconds on a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry or Android phone. It displays surprisingly well on a smartphone screen. You can also read the e-book edition on a Mac or PC.

Be sure to read Chapter 5: Should the CEO Blog?  More about the new edition.

Step 2 - We set up your blog and link it to Twitter

The best way to start is it to... just do it. I work with several Web designers who can set up your blog on TypePad or WordPress.com, the two leading hosted solutions used by many companies and large organizations. We make the blog match the design and color scheme of your site. We add a few cool icons and widgets in the side column(s), including a "subscribe via email" option.

Debbie did an amazing job coaching us on all aspects of setting up and starting our blog. She challenged us to get clear about the purpose and then coached us on writing, design, and practical tips. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone trying to figure out the blogosphere.
- Tom Hood, CPA.CITP, CEO of Maryland Association of CPAs


We link your blog to your Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube accounts.Twittering, the new microblogging phenomenon, is a terrific complement to a corporate blog. See below for info about my Twitter coaching.

Here's an example: MACPA's CPA Success blog. It closely resembles MACPA.org, the Maryland Association of CPA's corporate site.

I'll help you name your blog. We brainstorm possibilities. I'll urge you to register them all so you own the domains. You can pick the winning name later.  Godaddy is a reliable, inexpensive registrar.

You can start with a TypePad or WordPress URL (for example: company.typepad.com or company.wordpress.com). Later you can migrate your blog address to a permanent URL, such as www.CPAsuccess.com.

Additionally, you can easily move your blog to an in-house server, after starting it on TypePad or WordPress.com. None of your content will be lost.

Step 3 - You make your first blog entry

I show you how to navigate your way around the TypePad or WordPress interface. I give you some blog writing tips:

  • Use a graphic image in every post if possible (Flickr, Google Images, iStockphoto)
  • Always link to other blog entries or news articles or online resources
  • Embed YouTube videos (you can create them yourself)

 We talk about the overall editorial theme of your blog. What are you (or your blogging team) most passionate and knowledgeable about? What topic(s) can you unpack over time, unraveling and exploring blog entry by blog entry.

Then you write and post your first entry. Don't worry; we can always modify or delete it later.

Wow. You've posted your first entry. You're a blogger. Share the URL of your blog with your mom, best friend and a few close colleagues. Ask for their feedback. Note: your blog is still underwraps. The rest of the world doesn't know about it yet.


New! Step 4 - You learn how to Twitter in conjunction with blogging

I'm offering a new service: Twitter coaching. Call it the haiku of blogging. Call it the new business productivity tool. There is an art and a science to Tweets that inspire followers and prompt RTs (re-tweets). I'll show you how. I'm a Top Twitterer in Washington DC and have over 9,250 followers.

Step 5 - We slice and dice the topic of your blog and hone your blogging skills

We really dig into what you want to blog about -- and what the flavor of your blog will be. What is your company culture? How edgy can you be?

We decide on the "categories" or list of topics you'll blog about. What keywords will folks type into Google that will bring up your blog entries? This is key. Remember, gaining high visibility in the search engines is one of the principal reasons to start a corporate or organizational blog.

I help you develop your own bloggy style. I give you lots of specific writing and posting tips. We're back in 7th grade but I'm nicer and more helpful because I'll edit what you write.

I help you draw up a rough editorial calendar. We devise a practical methodology for you to post a new entry once or twice a week. Worst case: once every 10 days as that works out to three times a month.

I critique your writing. I help you develop your own bloggy style. I give you lots of specific writing and posting tips.

Note: I heavily edit your first dozen blog entries as part of the engagement.

Step 6 - You tell everybody about your blog

Once you've got a body of blog entries you're reasonably satisfied with, you go live. Your blog is public. Note: it can be password protected up to this point, if you wish.

We push the news of your blog out to a wider audience. We reach out to other bloggers. You send an email with a link to your blog to your key business contacts. Everyone in your organization adds the blog URL to your email signature.

You may decide to issue a social media press release about your new blog. We decide what's best for you and your organization. We also talk about educating your intended audience on how to subscribe to your blog via RSS (a Web feed).

Step 7 - Wash, rinse and repeat

We fine tune your blog writing. I coach - and prod - you in twice-monthly scheduled conference calls. Learning how to blog is an iterative process and I'm here to hold your hand. During our engagement, you have unlimited access to me via email or phone so you can ask questions or I can review what you write before you post.

Yes, you've got an out

At the end of six months, if you find that you're just not suited to being a blogger -- or you don't have time -- we devise a strategy for keeping your blog going. A junior staffer, a hired freelancer -- or an out of work journalist -- can write and edit your blog. Of course, you'll be transparent about that.

Blogging isn't rocket science. But it can be fun and engaging. Good blogging is highly creative. It will push you to write - and think - more clearly. And of course it's a powerful marketing communications strategy no matter what size your company is. What's to lose? Why are you waiting? The train has left the station.

Web 2.0 is here to stay

It ain't going away. Hundreds of companies, associations, non-profits and government agencies are now blogging. Here's The Big List of Big Brand Blogs.

Let's get started! How much? Call me at 202.255.1467 Eastern

My base fee to get started is $5,000. Blog design is not included. Call me on my mobile number above or use my contact form.

Not ready? Read the chapter on CEO Bloggers in my book

Still on the fence? Order the first edition of The Corporate Blogging Book on Amazon and read Chapter 5, one of my favorites in the book: Should the CEO Blog?  You can also order one or more signed copies directly from me.

Are you the impatient type?

Then for heavenssake download the updated edition in 30 seconds. Read the UPDATED chapter 5 in the new edition.