2022 Book Coaching

A creative endeavor – like writing that book on your bucket list – can help you make the most of this continuing gap year as the pandemic wanes. So I am offering a special rate for a first-time book coaching session.


Try one 45-minute Zoom session with me to experience how I can help you clarify your topic (the why and what of your book) as well as offer professional input for how to organize your book and how to start or continue writing.

Typically I work with clients via six-month engagements. Now, you can stop after one session, or you may choose to continue working with me. (If you’re serious about writing a book, working with a book coach is the way to get it done.) Click here to take advantage of my special first-time book coaching rate. Learn more about working with me.

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Debbie helped me pull together my scattered essays into an organized manuscript. She is encouraging, gives constructive feedback, but most importantly for me, holds me accountable to deadlines. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a collaborative (and whip-smart!) coach.

Erin Brinig is legal counsel for a major U.S. financial company.

Working with Debbie not only helped me improve as a writer, but it helped me uncover powerful insights that have informed my ongoing evolution as an entrepreneur. Debbie brought a potent combination of straight-forward feedback to enhance my writing, as well as a compassion for how vulnerable it can feel to experiment with and discover your writing voice.

Claire Mackinnon is an executive coach based in the UK.

If you know you have a book in you, but haven’t made it happen yet, Debbie is a godsend. She provides the perfect blend of support and challenge to get you started and keep you on track. Her insights and feedback make you stop and think - not just about your book - but sometimes more broadly about your approach to life and work.

Joe Casey is an Executive Coach with a special interest in coaching leaders who want to design purposeful Second Acts.

Debbie’s feedback is always right-on and thought provoking. And she is more than a book coach. Her way of listening and questioning has also helped me more clearly define the next chapter of my life. It’s wonderful working with someone who has such a natural ability to co-create!

Denise Edmond, book coaching client

Denise Edmond, retired corporate executive, plotting her what’s next.

Working with Debbie is incredibly motivating. I always spend the rest of the day after our sessions on a bit of a high. There’s no way I’d be this far along in the book writing process without her, and I certainly wouldn’t have refined my ideas to this point.

Sarah Dillon, international business consultant based in Brisbane, Australia and getting a PhD in international entrepreneurship

Debbie helped me "think out loud" about the roadmap my book needed to follow. From there I was able to organize my thoughts and get to the finish line. I credit Debbie with helping me move from ideas to a real book structure.

Cary Pfeffer Author

Cary Pfeffer, Author of There’s Not an App For That (winner of an Axiom Business Book Award)

What I love about Debbie is that she is much more than a book coach. As an experienced entrepreneur and a leading business speaker, she is in the business world. She understands not just how to write a short book, but how to write a good business book.

Tom Hood CEO

Tom Hood, CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and there isn’t anything that has had as profound an effect on our credibility as the little book I wrote and published with Debbie Weil.

David Marinac Author

E. David Marinac, Author of Stand Up & Stand Out: And Watch Your Product Fly Off the Store Shelves

I found the individual coaching incredibly helpful: Debbie is a perceptive listener and editor who is able to hone in on where you are (or are not) in your writing process and expertly guide you to the next level.

Cheryl Dolan

Cheryl Dolan, speaking coach and communications consultant

I was already a writer. Couldn’t I finish my half-done book on my own? Maybe not. For me, the most beneficial aspect of working with Debbie has been her feedback, original ideas and encouragement.

Debbie was brilliant when I was in the weeds. When I couldn't see a path through my thoughts, she led me through them and then my book started to form. It was an amazing process.

Louise Croombs

Louise Croombs, award-winning UK radio presenter writing about life and work as a woman with autism

Debbie’s podcast is more relevant now than ever. We are living through a time of change and transition: a collective gap year that is bewildering and liberating all at once. The podcast is for those in midlife and beyond who want to reinvent, to find purpose, and to figure out what comes next. 

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