Ready to write your book?

Writing a book is hard. But it’s much easier if you have a pro at your side to guide you from idea in your head to words on the page to completed manuscript. Don’t write alone. Professionals don’t. Why should you? Whether you’re starting from scratch or you are an experienced professional, I can help.


New Coaching Service!

Ultimate Organizing to Write Your Book

Have you been gathering digital and paper information that creates piles and folders of research, quotes, interviews and other bits and pieces… for the book you’re gonna write?

Have you collected so much information that you don’t know where it is on your hard drive, in the Cloud or in the stacks of paper in your office?


How do you turn all your material into a book? How and when do you start writing? Help is at hand. I’m offering a new coaching service: Ultimate Organizing to Write Your Book.


With hands-on help from me, you will turn the mess into an organized system. I’ll look over your shoulder as we share screens via Zoom video. I’ll show you how to organize your hard drive as well as how to get the most out of online tools like Evernote and Scrivener.


I’ll show you how to mesh your paper files with your digital files so you can start writing your book with clarity and confidence.


The result of organizing your materials is a huge boost in energy and focus when you sit down to write. You’ll know where to find the information you need to express your ideas, provide examples, and create a persuasive narrative for your reader.


Ready to get started? Make 2020 the year you finally write the book on your bucket list.


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How book coaching with me works

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Think of me as a personal trainer for your book. I provide professional direction and encouragement so you can write your book with clarity and energy.


Writing a book is hard. There is no sugarcoating that. If you are a busy professional with multiple commitments, as most of my clients are, it’s even more challenging. As your writing coach I show you how to break your book down into doable chunks so you always have a next step, whether you’re on a plane or train, at your desk or at the neighborhood coffee shop.


I help you organize your book

I help you organize your ideas and structure your book in a way that will grab your reader AND make your book easier to write. This is a crucial part of the process of book writing. It’s called developmental editing.

I provide accountability

If you have a busy schedule and other commitments, as many of my clients do, you need accountability to get your book done. We schedule non-negotiable writing blocks into your calendar. I use a system of check-ins and gentle but firm nudges.

I help you overcome obstacles

I have an arsenal of writing tactics to help you defeat procrastination, lack of clarity and other common roadblocks. My grab bag is deep and I never run out of ways to spur you on.

I give you professional feedback and direction

I am a developmental editor as well as a coach and collaborator. My high-level feedback on your writing means pointing out what works, what doesn’t, what is missing and how to create the most value for your readers. With my background of 20-plus years in journalism, as a Harvard graduate, and as a published author with Penguin Portfolio, I apply professional standards to your work.

How I’m different from other book coaches

What sets me apart from other book coaches is that I’ve played in the big leagues and I apply the highest editorial standards to your book. I can show you the path to traditional publishing. But another option is stylish self-publishing or publishing with Voxie Media, my nonfiction imprint, or another hybrid publisher. I love what I do, I love my clients and I’m utterly committed to the success of each and every one.

How we work together

With my ongoing support your book gets traction and the writing gets done. You can be located anywhere in the world as we typically work together via Skype or Zoom video, meeting twice a month. In between sessions you send me chunks of writing and I review, offering high-level feedback and an assignment for next steps. You can communicate with me via email anytime.

In person book coaching

In addition to ongoing coaching and developmental editing, I offer in-person Author Intensives. I can meet you face-to-face in New York or Maine or on the West Coast for one or more days. Also included when we work together is access to the  course materials in my online program, including my essays on the writing process, action step handouts, edited transcripts with guest experts and more.

Ready to take one more step?

Click below to send an email and set up a phone call. You can tell me about your book idea and your goals for your book. We’ll decide together whether we’re a good fit.

Working with Debbie is incredibly motivating. I always spend the rest of the day after our sessions on a bit of a high. There’s no way I’d be this far along in the book writing process without her, and I certainly wouldn’t have refined my ideas to this point.

Sarah Dillon Writer

Sarah Dillon, Professional translator and author of the forthcoming Going Global When You're Small

Debbie helped me "think out loud" about the roadmap my book needed to follow. From there I was able to organize my thoughts and get to the finish line. I credit Debbie with helping me move from ideas to a real book structure.

Cary Pfeffer Author

Cary Pfeffer, Author of There's Not an App For That (winner of an Axiom Business Book Award)

What I love about Debbie is that she is much more than a book coach. As an experienced entrepreneur and a leading business speaker, she is in the business world. She understands not just how to write a short book, but how to write a good business book.

Tom Hood CEO

Tom Hood, CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and there isn’t anything that has had as profound an effect on our credibility as the little book I wrote and published with Debbie Weil.

David Marinac Author

E. David Marinac, Author of Stand Up & Stand Out: And Watch Your Product Fly Off the Store Shelves

I found the individual coaching incredibly helpful: Debbie is a perceptive listener and editor who is able to hone in on where you are (or are not) in your writing process and expertly guide you to the next level.

Cheryl Dolan

Cheryl Dolan, speaking coach and communications consultant

I was already a writer. Couldn’t I finish my half-done book on my own? Maybe not. For me, the most beneficial aspect of working with Debbie has been her feedback, original ideas and encouragement.