My publishing company, Voxie Media, works with selected nonfiction authors to take their book idea from concept to completed manuscript to beautifully-designed print and eBook editions.

So what is Voxie Media, exactly?

Voxie Media is a small publishing company built on the premise that a beautiful book is the ultimate calling card. A short, professionally-edited and stylishly designed book can lead you down many paths. These include speaking, consulting, more clients, an online program. And maybe a complete reinvention of what your work is now.

Why Voxie Media? Because vox means voice in Latin. Our goal is to help first-time nonfiction authors spread important ideas. Hence the idea of amplifying your voice. A book can provoke your readers to think and act and it can make the world a better place. Generally, the goal of authors we work with is not book sales, per se, but the results of being a published author.

A new kind of publishing company

Voxie Media is part of a new breed of publishing companies. We offer select nonfiction authors an appealing option that falls in between traditional publishing and self-publishing.

The old way

In the old model, an author who was chosen by a Big Six publisher gave away her rights (and royalties) to a multinational conglomerate in exchange for editorial, design, marketing and publicity support.

Note the first hurdle: you have to get chosen. As for marketing or publicity support, for most mid-list authors it is nonexistent these days. You don’t get it.

Going with a traditional publisher also means no control over the publication process and a wait as long as 18 months from book idea to publication.

The new way

The other alternative is to self-publish, meaning to do everything entirely yourself, from writing, editing, proofreading and book design to marketing, publicity and distribution.

The downside is that there is no editorial curation (is it really a kick-ass book idea??) and there is no quality control over the book design. These are two of the most important services offered by traditional publishers.

In self-publishing, the author gets all proceeds from sales of the book (minus the distribution fees charged by Amazon, etc.). But frankly, unless your book is a thriller or paranormal romance, this does not add up to significant revenue.

The Voxie Media option

Voxie Media represents a new option for nonfiction business authors: We provide curation of your book idea including professional editing and cutting edge design. We offer support and guidance (and in most cases, “do it for you”) at every step of the publishing process. Debbie Weil is the curator,  uber editor, producer, critic and cheerleader behind your book.

We also help you launch your book through smart use of social media. Our authors retain rights to their books and keep all proceeds from sales.

Learn more about our Full Publishing Package.

Full package includes:

Our Full Package includes one-on-one assistance at every step of the book writing and publishing process:

  • 1:1 book coaching with Debbie to help you write your best possible book
  • Feedback on your writing (I’m a tough love editor)
  • Debbie’s help choosing a killer title (essential to the success of your book)
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Professional and stylish cover design so your eBook pops from your Amazon page
  • High-quality conversion of your manuscript to eBook format for Kindle and the other e-readers
  • Publishing of your eBook to the Kindle platform (including category and keyword selection)
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sizzling marketing copy for your Amazon Kindle page
  • Enrollment in Amazon’s KDP Select program
  • A launch plan for your book that fits your business goals and maximizes initial sales
  • A strategy for how to leverage social media in a way that is comfortable for you
  • Advice on how to leverage traditional publicity
  • Complete information on how e-publishing works and how you can take advantage of it
  • Personal introduction to Debbie’s best publishing and book promotion resources
  • Full access to the course materials for Debbie’s online program, including action step handouts, frameworks, secrets to the writing process and interviews with well-known guest experts
  • Curation of every aspect of your book, from editing to design to formatting, to ensure highest standards
  • Personal attention from the publisher, Debbie Weil, at every step

Available for an additional fee:

  • Interior book design for a print edition
  • A cutting edge book website
  • An author video and/or book trailer

To find out more

Typically, it takes a minimum of six months to go from big idea to completed manuscript to published eBook.

Normally, we work with only a handful of Full Package authors a year. We select books for the Voxie Media imprint based on the strength and provocativeness of the author’s book idea, the quality of his or her writing and the ability to execute.

Contact me

To get started, click the button below and tell me in a few sentences about your book project, your writing experience and your goals for your book. (Hint: if your singular goal is to get on the New York Times bestseller list and make a million bucks, we’re probably not a fit.) I promise to get back to you quickly. – Debbie


Voxie Media books

Look, Lead, Love, Learn (Updated Edition): Four Steps to Better Business, a Better Life - and Conquering Complexity in the Process