Welcome to the Gap Year For Grown-Ups podcast, hosted by Debbie Weil

A podcast for those who think reinvention should be a THING at any age, but especially when you are 50+ and figuring out what comes next.

About Season 1

But the question remains… can grown-ups take a timeout from real life… for reinvention, for renewal, for adventure, to check items off a bucket list? The answer is yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than it is for students who need merely sling a backpack over their shoulders. Debbie talks about decision-making, timing, overcoming obstacles and the pursuit of happiness in upcoming episodes. Stay tuned! A new episode will be published every two weeks.

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Welcome to our first sponsor

A  huge welcome to our first sponsor. Next For Me is an important resource for the 50+ crowd focused on rewriting life.  While it’s true that Debbie will be talking to grown-ups of all ages and from all decades, this particular demographic is, er, of particular interest to her. Taking a gap year or timeout may be the best way to figure out “what’s next” when you’re in this stage of life.

As founder Jeff Tidwell explains, Next For Me “connects and inspires our generation to evolve our post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.” Finding meaning and purpose is what a gap year is all about. So this is a perfect fit. Thank you Jeff and Next For Me for your support.

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