S5-EP3: Joan Price on the Joys of (and Differences in) Senior Sex

Nov 18, 2022


Debbie talks to sexpert Joan Price, 79, who is known as a leader of the sex revolution for seniors.



Today Debbie talks about a topic that interests us all no matter our age.

Given the focus of the podcast, she decided to go right to a senior sexpert, Joan Price, for a very frank conversation about all things related to, er, senior sex.

NOTE: this is one of the most listened-to episodes of the podcast. The conversation is explicit but also tasteful and respectful.

Joan, who is 79, has legions of followers on her blog, for her books, DVDs and webinars. She was quoted in a New York Times Magazine cover story this year and now gets so many requests for podcast interviews that she mostly turns them down.

She agreed to come on [B]OLDER after listening to the recent episode with nonagenarian author Hilma Wolitzer (Season 4, Episode 20) about writing through grief. Joan’s most recent book is titled Sex After Grief.

Joan calls herself an “advocate for ageless sexuality.” The media calls her “the woman leading a sex revolution for seniors” and, her favorite, “a wrinkly sex kitten.”

Debbie and Joan talk about why senior sex is an embarrassing subject but, more importantly, they talk about how to expand our definition of sex and how to adjust our relationship to body image as we age. 

They get right into it. No words are off limits so they talk about orgasms and sex toys and more. Joan explains the different types of desire – spontaneous vs. responsive – and why that’s important to understand as you get older. 

After this episode we promise that you’ll know what PIV stands for… if you don’t already.

Bottom line, Joan’s message is that yes, sex is different after 50 or 60 or 70 or 80… but in some ways, she says, it’s better. Joan is funny as well as frank. “Spicy” is one of her favorite words. You’ll definitely want to check out her website joanprice.com for tons of resources.


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