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I regularly offer a workshop for writers working on a nonfiction book and plagued by obstacles to writing, including writer’s block. Coming soon: writing retreats and other events to cool places inspired by our gap year travels – including the coast of Maine.

Special Event in NYC

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Knock down the 3 most common obstacles stopping you from writing your book

In talking to my private book coaching clients as well as hundreds of other people who want to write a book, I hear over and over about three common obstacles:

  • You don’t know where to start
  • You don’t know how to organize your book
  • You can’t find the time to write

We will tackle and solve the three problems that can permanently stall your book project.

Leave this intimate one-day workshop with a chunk of writing done, confidence, and a solid plan to continue

You will have under your belt:

  • Specific exercises to help you crack open your book project and start writing
  • A clear understanding of different ways to organize and structure your book
  • An arsenal of proven techniques to carve out time to write

Who this workshop is for

You do not need to be a professional writer. This workshop is for:

  • You, if you’ve had a nonfiction book idea in your head for months or years
  • You, if you have multiple ideas and are not sure which one to choose
  • You, if you haven’t written a book before and are not sure how or where to start
  • You, if you’ve previously published and are struggling to get traction and clarity on your next book project

What we’ll do in this small group

This will be a hands-on day. You can expect:

  • Powerful exercises to defeat the Resistance that is holding you back
  • In-class free writing to practice storytelling and to open the door into your book
  • Mastery of the stickie note method to help you unpack and organize your book ideas
  • Specific strategies to help you carve out time for a regular writing practice
  • An individual hot seat where the spotlight is on you, your book, your writing, your obstacles
  • And feedback, feedback, feedback… from me and the other attendees.

“Debbie is a force of nature, with a strong can-do attitude and a passionate, infectious enthusiasm for helping people bring book projects to fruition. She is intelligent, quick, honest and knows the questions to ask. If you have a project in mind, Debbie can help make your dream a reality.”

“Nobody can MAKE you write. But Debbie, with her huge heart and years of experience, can enchant you just enough to do what you don’t want to do, so that you can go where you want to go.”


Start and Finish the First Draft of Your Book

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