Join me in NYC on May 17, 2017 for a special event

I’m doing something different. I’m calling this a combination Mastermind and BETA workshop because we’ll work together to create the workshop. But it will be super useful for attendees as well. Don’t worry. I’ll provide plenty of direction.


What could be more clarifying than getting your book onto a single sheet?

You are invited to help me refine and tweak a workshop to Get Your Book Onto ONE PAGE. In addition to brainstorming with me, offering your brilliant suggestions and your unvarnished feedback, you’ll have a chance to draft a one-page blueprint for your book. Fee covers the cost of renting a Breather work space, as well as the snacks and giveaways you’ll get.

Who is this Mastermind + Workshop for?

Ideally, it’s for published authors or book coaches or content strategists. If you’re a published author, you’re working on a new book. If you’re a book coach, the one-page approach will be helpful for your clients. If you’re a content strategist, you’re always looking for ways to distill a lot of information and make it compelling. These don’t sound like you? Contact me and we’ll chat. If you’re seriously interested in getting a book onto one page, it’s probably a good fit.

Wednesday May 17, 2017 from 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM. NYC Six spots SOLD OUT. 

This is where we’ll meet for our mastermind + workshop. Lots of natural light, great location near multiple subway lines in lower Manhattan, and best of all a giant whiteboard for brainstorming. Working together, we will quickly deconstruct the Big Idea for everyone’s book using the whiteboard. Then, with everyone’s input, you’ll build a one-page draft blueprint for your own book, or for a client. You’ll leave with a visual document you’ve created that will guide the next steps to start writing. SOLD OUT.