My husband and I decided to take a gap year at age 62 – more than forty years after we were supposed to take time out before starting real life. It was really my idea. I was driven by a desire to find clarity.

Typically, you take a gap year right before university, or right after – before you enter the real world. It’s something we talked about when we met and fell in love. (I was a freshman; he was a sophomore in college). But somehow it never happened, primarily because of Sam’s career as a physician. For Sam (aka Samuel P. Harrington, M.D.), that meant medical school, training and then 31 years in private practice in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, I was working as a journalist and then an online pioneer – and raising our three children. In 2013 we jumped off the cliff to reinvent our lives. That’s Sam jumping off the cliff in the blue swim trunks. Our gap year(s) continue, in Brooklyn, NY and in Stonington, ME. We have six grandchildren.

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