S5-EP7: Andrew Steele on Research at the Cellular Level That Could Slow Aging

Jan 20, 2023


Debbie talks to ebullient author and scientist Andrew Steele about the biological processes of aging and how the newest research could slow aging in humans.



Today Debbie tackles the topic of aging (better? longer??) with Andrew Steele, an ebullient British scientist, writer and author of Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old.

After earning a PhD in physics from Oxford, Andrew decided that aging –  not cancer or other diseases – was the single most important scientific challenge of our time. Why? Because of the suffering that goes along with old age.

So he switched fields to biogerontology, the study of the processes of aging at the cellular level.

Andrew, 37, doesn’t advocate for immortality. As he puts it: “It’s not about extending lifespan, but rather healthspan.” His interest, he maintains, is in helping humans stay healthier longer. 

Debbie asks him what the most important biological aging processes are. He responds with a clear explanation of cell biology as it relates to aging: from senescent cells and cellular exhaustion to your epigenetic age, and more.

And he explains that some of these genes and processes can be manipulated to slow or possibly reverse aging – at least, so far, in worms and mice.

Andrew is exuberant and makes everything understandable.

They talk about:

  • The 10 hallmarks of the aging process
  • Specifically, how research on worms and mice translates to humans
  • Why 65 – 70 could be the ideal age to take an anti-aging pill (no, it doesn’t exist yet)

They also discuss:

  • Dietary restriction (a topic of aging research since the 1950s)
  • Why the mega-wealthy are so interested in biohacking to improve health and extend life
  • Moral and ethical implications of humans living much longer

This is an important conversation and we hope you will find it as thought provoking as we did.  


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