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Ultimate Organizing to Write Your Book

Finally, organize the information you’ve collected…

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You know, all the bits and pieces of digital and paper files and folders you’ve gathered for years for the book you’re gonna write.


… so you can start writing. 


Have you collected so much information that you don’t know where or what is on your hard drive, in the Cloud or in the stacks of paper in your office? Help is at hand. There is an important step before you start writing.


Step #1: Find everything 


I’ll help you find the research, quotes, interviews, links, websites and resources you’ve squirreled away. We’ll catalogue what you’ve got.


Step #2: Organize it 


With hands-on help from me (I’ll look over your shoulder via Zoom video) we’ll organize your hard drive. Then I’ll help you create a system for your paper files that mirrors what you have digitally on your computer or in the Cloud.


If you wish, I’ll show you how to get the most out of tools like Evernote and Scrivener.


Step #3: Deploy your arsenal of information 


First, I’ll help you nail what your book is really about. Not just the topic but your unique take on the subject that makes readers sit up and beg for more. We’ll create a draft Table of Contents.


Then I’ll show you how to systematically deploy your arsenal of digital and paper information every time you sit down to write.


Step #4: Say goodbye to confusion, uncertainty and writer’s block


Writing a book is hard; I won’t sugarcoat that. But with a system in place, you will start writing with clarity and confidence.


You will always have information at the ready for inspiration or illustration. You’ll be primed, energized and focused every time you start writing.


Finally, start writing your book in 2020 with an essential boost of mental clarity and productivity.


Sign up by Jan. 15, 2020 to take advantage of a special offer. Three spots available.


To get started, click below to get one of the three spots. Or contact me and tell me a bit about your book. We’ll set up a brief phone conversation and you can ask any questions.


NOTE: this is private coaching tailored to your needs. The fee is $1,200. Take advantage of a special offer of $950 if you sign up by Jan. 15th.

Ultimate Organizing to Write Your Book

Take advantage of a special January 2020 offer. Three spots available.