2009 is the year of video on 12seconds.tv

And I’m not the only one saying that. Ford’s social media guy, Scott Monty, tells us that a video demonstrating “hands-free” parallel parking (a new feature in the Lincoln) is what provided the a-ha moment. Not the press release. Not even the social media press release. And here’s an amusing request for video creative from Dan Stuart, strategic director of Bayt in Dubai.

It’s now easier to create and publish an online video than it is to, well, write a blog post. If you can say a few words (and smile nicely for the Web cam in your computer or on your iPhone) you’re in the video business. A few Web-based video creation tools I like: 12seconds.tv and Utterli.com. (Utterli is also good for recording podcast interviews from your mobile phone).

A few video tips from Mashable: make it authentic (i.e. amateurish is OK), relevant, engaging and Google friendly (easy to find in search results).

Take a look at my 60-second interview with veteran NBC cameraman Jim Long for more tips.