Here’s a tips article the WOMMA folks posted to their blog:

How to Confront Your Fear of Corporate Blogging (5 tips from author and blogger Debbie Weil)

P.S. I didn’t write the below. I.e. they’re not my words exactly. But the tips are good. I’ve got a whole chapter on Fear of Blogging in my new book, The Corporate Blogging Book.

Tip #1. Think about blogging strategically
Ask yourself these questions: Why does it really make sense for you to
add a blog to your marketing communications strategy? What is it that
you really want to say? What are your customers really interested in?

Tip #2. Consider starting an event-specific blog
If taking on a project with no end to it feels overwhelming, begin a
blog surrounding a certain event. You may find that there’s a long-term
tie-in, and you can continue the blog. Or, you may find that you’ve had
enough, but now you have some experience under your belt and may not
feel as apprehensive.

Tip #3. Get familiar with the convention of blogging
Give it a try. If you don’t tell anyone, the blog will stay private and
you can practice for as long as you like until you feel comfortable.
Show colleagues and ask for their input before making it public.

Tip #4. Don’t worry about running out of things to say
It doesn’t matter what your widgets are, because you’re not going to
blog about your widgets. You’re going to blog about things related to
your widgets.

For example, a blog from an all-natural yogurt company wouldn’t be
very interesting if it focused solely on yogurt. A blog about organic
farming would have a much wider appeal.

Tip #5. Just do it
You’ve got some experience. The blog is up and running (if only for
your own purposes). You’ve figured out what you’re willing to say, and
what your customers are interested in that is related to your products
and services.

Now, simply keep it up.

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