borders-350.jpgNielsen BuzzMetrics' Pete Blackshaw gives my just-published book, The Corporate Blogging Book, a thumbs up in a thoughtful review on ClickZ.

“The Best Business Blogging Book”

Brand Autopsy's John Moore (a soon-to-be author himself) is calling The Corporate Blogging Book The Best Business Blogging Book.

Quoted in The New York Times

This was kinda cool. Columnist Randy Stross quoted me recently in his New York Times column on the topic of CEO blogging .

#6 on Amazon's Business / Marketing & Sales bestsellers

My first book The Corporate Blogging Book made it to #6 on Amazon's Business / Marketing & Sales bestseller list on the official August 3rd release date. In another first, my first child, Eliza, got appendicitis on that day. Eliza is a pediatric resident and initially refused to go to the emergency room. It's a doctor thing; they don't like to be sick.

Bloggers review The Corporate Blogging Book

Phew. They like it. Though bloggers are *not* the intended audience for my book. Rather it's the non-cognoscenti, the skeptical and the fearful that the book is directed at. Blogger and mainstream media reviews of my book here.

Launch party in Washington DC was a blast

debbie_weil_signing_the_corporate_blogging_book.jpgWashington's blogging cognoscenti, as well as corporate blogger wannabes, showed up at a pre-release launch party for The Corporate Blogging Book. Details and more pics here.

Do you need a CEO Blogging Coach?

deb_weil_at_mesh_vy_steve_rubel.jpg Bill Gates does. Get the scoop…

Results of my 2nd Annual 1-Minute Blogging & RSS Survey

85 percent of the 449 respondents say blogging is *not* a fad. 67 percent say blogging will become a must-have corporate marketing & communications tool. Learn more…