Hot_chocolate_paris_1À propos of nothing related to blogging, social media or the like… I had a perfect, unexpected moment in Paris when I was there to launch The Corporate Blogging Book. It was chilly, late afternoon, the sun was out. (Notable because it rained a lot.) I found a seat next to the heater in an outdoor café (Le Flore en l’Isle) at the tip of l’Isle Saint Louis. And ordered hot chocolate.

What came was divine. It’s called chocolat chaud à l’ancienne.

Note the miniature pitcher; it’s filled with thick fudgy chocolate syrup. The big pitcher has hot milk in it (with something added – vanilla?). You pour the milk into your cup. Then add chocolate to your liking. Perfect!

Sans doute the seed of a Proustian moment.

Full disclosure: I’ve backdated this post so that it reflects the day I was in Paris.

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