Blogger-reporter B.L. Ochman writes this about an Ad-Tech session on blogging for business:

“Among the business blogs discussed during the session were blogs for tattoo parlors, construction companies, pubs, a German fashion label, Jones Soda, BizNet, Sega and Home Depot’s game blogs, Barbie’s blog and Dr. Pepper’s much derided Ragin’ Cow blog.”

It would be nice if she’d included links to these blogs so we could check them out. In fact, blog etiquette demands that you do exactly that when you’re posting. Whatever you refer to, you should link to.

I tried to look up Mattel’s Barbie’s Blog but gave up after a few minutes of getting lost on their site. (I’m not a Barbie fan; never was.) Note that most of the blogs referred to above are B2C (business to consumer) which, IMHO, have mostly a branding purpose and are not all that interesting.

Here’s BizNet Travel’s blog. It’s written by none other than Rick Bruner, MarketingWonk’s chief researcher. That’s pretty interesting. Rick, who is eccentric and smart as heck, has got a gig authoring a blog for BizNet Travel.

Something to think about if you’re considering a blog for your company’s site but not sure who would write it. Outsource it!