The great thing about blogs is that you can dole out manageable chunks of content and not overwhelm your audience. Well, I’m choking.

I’ve got 17 pages of notes and I want to tell you everything plus (let’s be honest here) give you my spin on it. This is the smartest bunch of people I’ve been in the same room with since… forever.

Check out some of the speaker bios for ClickZ’s June 2003 Weblog Conference. [Update: site for the event is no longer live.] I’ll post links to some of their blogs later. Where do I start?

Let’s keep it simple. What are the attributes of a good blog?

This is one thing everyone at the conference seems to agree upon. (There’s a lot they don’t agree on. Like what “content” is.)

Good blogs:

– are authentic

– are honest

– have personality and voice

– are subjective but truthful

– have integrity

– may read like a first draft

– but are well written

– and (this is key to blog etiquette) link to lots of other blogs

Which, you may notice, I’m not doing. No particular reason except that I don’t want to overwhelm you with information if you’re new to Web logs. But maybe there’s a different etiquette for business blogs?

Oh, and yes, this is a business blog. Consider it an adjunct to my newsletter, WordBiz Report. [Alas, I let the domain for my original e-newsletter lapse. You can no longer see past issues.]