Rebecca Blood is one of the original A-list bloggers from the ancient past of the blogosphere (1999). I love how she writes and should check in with her blog more often. She posted an interview she did a while back with David Weinberger, another long-time blogger and one of the co-authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Rebecca asks Dave:

Q: How has your weblog changed your life?

A: Blogging has made me fat. I used to exercise in the morning. Now I
blog. It’s connected me to people I care about. I’m over-stimulated
intellectually. There’s too much to read, think about, and write about.

— David Weinberger

Could anyone say it better?? I love Dave’s answer. But really Dave you should still get out for a walk or something. Looking forward to the publication of your new book, Everything Is Miscellaneous, in May 2007.