This post updated July 7, 2011.

Well it’s that time of year… time for a “Best Of” list! So many free guides, so little time to cull through them. Here’s my quick pick of the most informative on this year’s hot topics: blogging, RSS and podcasting. Plus the most notable stat of 2005 and of course the best new blog.

AND let’s not forget email. Oh, and white papers themselves. They’re both still in play as powerful marketing and communications tools for companies large and small.

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 White Papers

2005 White Paper Writer Industry Survey [FREE until Dec. 31, 2005]

Update: the 2nd edition of this survey is now available here.



To Blog Or Not To Blog by The Content Factory [download page]

Added: my earlier pick: Seth Godin’s e-book on blogging Who’s There [PDF]

My riff about it here.


The Business Case for RSS by Rok Hrastnik [PDF]


Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Creation [Article]


DoubleClick’s 6th Annual Consumer Email Study [PDF – just released Dec. 2005)

EmailLabs Best Practices Quick Tips and Guide [Download page]

Most notable stat of 2005

Pew’s Report on Teen-Age Content Creators [Download page]

Not sure whether your customers are hanging out in the blogosphere? They will be soon. 57% of teen-agers who use the Internet have created a blog, uploaded photos, audio or video or re-mixed online content to create new stuff.

Best new blog

This one was easy! Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog