Update: this was lame as an April Fool’s. But hey it worked the first time.- DW

BillgatesWhat is it with this guy? Bill Gates called me exactly two years ago about starting a CEO blog. This morning, at the ungodly hour of 4:47 AM PST, he called again. He doesn’t sleep?

Anyway, this time it’s about Twitter. He wants to learn how to Twitter, he said.

Bill, it’s simple really. Just go to Twitter and set up your free account. Name it www.twitter.com/billgates (oops, I don’t think this is you, Bill). So maybe use twitter.com/bgates. If you need help, of course I’m willing (not that I am *the* expert on Twittering). Just send the plane and I’ll hop right on.

As for why you want to Tweet? Well, here’s my take on it…