P.S. Read to the bottom. This is an April Fool’s joke.

Former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates called to say he wants CEO blog and twitter coaching. w00t! So here’s what happened. I was at a great yoga class this morning. Two hours, really hot and sweaty, must have loosened up every major muscle group. Hey, feelin’ good!

So I turn my cell back on afterwards and there’s a message from Bill Gates, for godsakes. He heard about the 2010 Updated Edition of The Corporate Blogging Book and has already downloaded it to his Kindle. He’s also reading the new edition on his iPhone and his Blackberry (he’s agnostic – has one of each) as well as on his PC, using the free Kindle apps.  He’s even got the e-book on the Mac he keeps in his spare bedroom.

So now he wants CEO Blog and Twitter Training – with me as his coach!

He told me to add two zeros to my March Madness special price for my execu-blog package. So that’s $500,000. Take that, Mr. $22K Chris Brogan. 🙂 Whatever… who cares if he even pays me, right? Just imagine, working F2F with Bill. I think he’s cool.

He insisted I fly to Seattle immediately (I’m checking Kayak.com now) and hold his hand for two weeks round the clock, while he starts blogging on TypePad. Well, maybe he’ll use WordPress or even Expression Engine (which I use). Another option is Compendium which is particularly effective for search engine optimization. Anyway, we can decide that later. We’ll use something that works with his new site, The Gates Notes.

He’s doing pretty well on Twitter so far. But I’m sure we can get that Follower count over 1M if we push a little harder. More retweetable Tweets and that sort of thing.

And I’m thinking… jeesh. So this is what happens after you publish the first e-book edition of your book.

I keep meaning to buy this report: The Business Impact of Writing a Book. Maybe I don’t need it now – ?

P.S. Darn… I should tell Scoble about this but it appears he’s leaving Microsoft / XYZ Startup / Etc. to move to Google and head up their PR.

April Fool’s!

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