I was at a great yoga class this morning. Two hours, really hot and sweaty, must have loosened up every major muscle group. Hey, feelin’ good!

So I turn my cell back on afterwards and there’s a message from BILL GATES!! He received the latest issue of my e-newsletter yesterday and called to book CEO Blog Training… with me as his blogging coach!!

He told me to add two zeros to the March Madness special price for the execu-blog package. Whatever… who cares if he even pays me, right?

He insisted I fly to Seattle Monday and hold his hand for two weeks, round the clock, while  he starts blogging on TypePad. Well, maybe he’ll use WordPress.com. He loves the cool WP templates. Anyway, we can decide that later.

And I’m thinking… jeesh. So this is what happens after you write your FIRST BOOK!

I keep meaning to buy this report: The Business Impact of Writing a Book. Maybe I don’t need it now – ?

P.S. Darn… I would have told Scoble about this but it appears he’s leaving Microsoft to move to Google and head up their PR!

P.P.S. In other big news today, Steve Rubel leaves Edelman PR and joins forces with Jeremy Pepper!

Happy April Fool’s!