Below is an update of my original 101 list. If you’ve got a great resource page or article – of specific interest to marketers – leave me a comment below and I might add it. No promises.  🙂

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 by Rebecca Blood (on MSN Spaces)

Blogging 101 by Kari Chisholm

Blogs 101 by Rich Meislin in New York Times’ Technology section

Blogging 101 by Technorati

Blog knowledge center by Cymfony

Business Blogging 101 on the NEWPRWiki

Business Blogging Resources by Dave Taylor

Global Voices’ Intro to Blogs

Weblog Basics on

Wikibooks’ Blogging 101

Wikipedia definition of Weblog

Blog marketing resources from Paul Gillin

Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101 on

Podcasting 101 on TechWeb

Podcasting 101 by Merle Stinnett

How to Record a Podcast by Glenn Fleishman

Creating a mini podcast in 30 minutes (how I did it with Stephan Spencer)

How to Podcast Video Tutorial

Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Creation

The Real Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

If podcasting is 2005 word of the year, why isn’t it as easy as blogging?

RSS 101

RSS 101: “Really Simple” 5-Step Guide to Get Started

RSS 101 Screencast by Alex Barnett

RSS 101 for Marketers (Forrester report, July 2005)

RSS Beyond Blogs (excellent round-up of corporate RSS feeds by Toby Bloomberg)

The Business Case for RSS (free PDF download)

RSS Marketing blog by Rok Hrastnik

Seth Godin on What Is RSS?

About Feeds (XML, RSS, Atom) by SixApart

RSS Tutorial (includes tech details)

Round-up of RSS studies & charts (August 2005)

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