halley_suitt.png Happy Birthday Halley! Long-time blogger, writer and entrepreneur Halley Suitt graciously agreed to be my guest on The Corporate Blogging Show today, on her birthday. We talked about why she started blogging in 2002, whether and how corporate blogs can adopt the unique “voice” that distinguishes the best personal blogs, the stuff you can't write about when you're a CEO and lots about writing.

Blog writing is so different from other kinds of writing, Halley reminded listeners. And it's her favorite way to write. Inserting links as a wink or nod (injecting a counterpoint, or bit of irony or humor) is something you just can't do in print.

Her best line:

If Google were a girl, you would know where to kiss her.” — Halley Suitt

Halley wrote the first case study about business blogging for Harvard Business Review in 2003. She is the former CEO of Top Ten Sources (which aggregates the best new media content by topic). She has appeared on Oprah (Halley, when and why? I forgot to ask you on the show.)

Useful link: What is RSS anyway?