Blogonbuttonsm_1I can’t make it to BlogOn 2005 (the 2nd annual Social Media Summit) in New York on Monday and Tuesday Oct. 17th – 18th. And wish I could. (Was invited to moderate a panel but couldn’t accept because I’ll be in Atlanta at a DMA panel on emerging technologies.) BlogOn sounds like a terrific event. Social media in this context means blogs, social networking sites, Web collaboration tools and syndication feeds (aka RSS).

A few highlights:

– Keynotes by Seth Godin and David Weinberger

Weinberger, one of the co-authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, is currently a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

– A special interview with CBS TV’s EVP of Communications, Gil Schwartz, aka “anonymous” Fortune columnist Stanley Bing; I love his columns!

Register here for BlogOn and get a 50% discount
If you’re interested in attending, register here (scroll down for the “Register today” link) and enter the discount code DE2005. The 50% off applies only to the first five who sign up.

Take this corporate blogging survey
Oh, and use this link to take a corporate blogging survey being conducted by BlogOn and iUpload. Results will be shared at the conference and they’re sure to be useful. Questions are on “strategies and practices” of how blogging is being used in bigger companies.

P.S. I get nothing out of this; the BlogOn folks just offered me the discount registration link.