Technorati CEO Dave Sifry has just posted the results of the latest “State of the Blogosphere – August 2005” with cool charts and stats. Key numbers:

– total number of blogs (i.e. the blogosphere) is doubling every 5.5 months

– there are now over 14 million blogs

– 80,000 new blogs are being created everyday

– of those, about 55% are considered active (i.e. have a new post within the past 3 months)

– a new Weblog is created every second

– lots of
blog growth in Japan, Korea, China, France and Brazil

This is Part 1 of his commentary on the latest Technorati stats so more to come. Dave, be sure to give us some specific numbers on business or corporate blogs. There’s just not enough data on that and I get asked all the time. Latest figure I’ve seen is that only 4% of major corporations have public or outward-facing blogs.

… I should point out that the blog numbers game may look a bit silly a year or two from now. Remember when we used to count the number of Web sites?? It was only 10 years ago…