Just when I’m despairing that everyone and their dog will know
everything about blogs, RSS, podcasting, wikis, vodcasting, VOIP and  IPTV,*  (ha! did I get you on that one??) in a year, along comes an informative article from The Register in the UK. And I quote:

Blogging = dogging, reckon London cabbies

There is some very refreshing news today for those who live outside
the rarified atmosphere of the internet world, and indeed for many of
us struggling for breath within it – most people don’t have a bloody
clue what net buzzwords mean but can evidently function perfectly well
in society despite this handicap.

a survey of taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers… by ad
outfit DDB London showed that 90 per cent… have not the foggiest idea
what a podcast is, and an
impressive 70 per cent live in blissful ignorance of blogging.

Better still, many think blogging is the same as dogging

Definition of dogging

If you’re not a Brit, you may not be familiar with the term dogging. Took me a few minutes of hunting around on the Web. Definition here. (Hint: refers to having sex in public places.)

Hmmm… there is a connection with the all-transparent, all-the-time, in-your-face nature of blogging, don’t you think?

* Thanks to A-list blogger & podcaster and appellate attorney Denise Howell for reminding me about Internet Protocol TV during our interview yesterday for The Corporate Blogging Book.
Denise says she’s “a nut” about podcasting but that IPTV (interactive,
on-demand TV through the Internet) will be just as cool.